Baggrund - Himmelheltene




It started at the North Sea to the sound of the waves. Here, Susanne and Eva had a walk and talk at an event where Susanne had given her lecture: "From Hustle to flow", about the journey from a performance-driven to a passion-driven life.

Eva was curious about Susanne's amazing knowledge of the connections in the universe and (wo)man's ability to create a passionate life by applying the latest knowledge about the brains, heart, epigenetics and quantum physics.

Shortly after, Eva took a Passiontest with Susanne, and the contact was further expanded. Then Eve became a magician in her own life.

Eva had something on her heart and mind and wanted to write a children's book no. 2. One day she learns via Facebook that Susanne has taught her daughter's 1st grade class how to master their thoughts and feelings. Eva grabbed the phone. Shortly afterwards, the two women met for a talk on how they could bring Heaven down to earth by spreading Susanne's tools accompanied by Eva’s ability to create a beautiful narrative both in text and in her illustrations.

Together, the two of them have founded the publishing house Himmelheltene (Heaven Heroes), which is an umbrella for a large number of planned publications of children's books, which will be about how to master your thoughts and feelings and thus create the foundation for a good childhood and adult life.

It's about becoming aware of the power we each have. We are magicians who create our own reality and lives.

The books are aimed at children aged 6-12. We have a vision that this universe grows big and will help to break down some of the boxes we get to put ourselves and others in - up through life. And indeed, also those who travel in the lineage of our generations.

The universe is also aimed at adults who have done some or a lot of self-development and now long for some material they can share with the children in their lives.

By buying "Sia and the Magic StoneSia and the Magic Stone" YOU are a co-creator of a reality where we together create a lot of small and large Heaven Heroes. Because everyone deserves to feel like a hero in their own life. To further anchor the book's knowledge, we have also made a coloring book coloring book and more support tools will be added along the way.